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Legendary Pictures Begins Developing ‘Pacific Rim’ Sequel

According to THR, Legendary Pictures won’t release the Guillermo del Toro sci-fi tentpole Pacific Rim until July 12, 2013, but it’s already laying the groundwork for a sequel, tapping Travis Beacham (A Killing on Carnival Row, Clash of the Titans, Black Hole) to pen the script.

Beacham wrote the initial treatment for Pacific Rim, as the project is affectionately known, as a spec script, which Legendary picked up in June 2010. Del Toro quickly became involved in its development and when his passion project At the Mountains of Madness fell apart, he made it his next picture. Warner Bros. will distribute.

‘Rim’ centers on a defense force consisting of mechas, giant robots and their human pilots, who are fighting to save humanity from gigantic monsters invading from an other-worldly dimension.

Sources say Del Toro will supervise the writing of the sequel script, although at this stage it’s unclear whether he will direct.



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