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[TV] What The Heck Is “Weird Desk” Gonna Be Like?

With “Fringe” almost gone (not to mention the fact that people who were born on the day the first “X-Files” premiered being eligible to vote), it’s about time for a new hour long paranormal drama. Enter “Weird Desk”. ABC has ordered 13 episodes of it and will premiere the show next summer, per Variety.

The show, from Canadian production company, Shaftesbury Films, centers on a clandestine organization that handles mysterious other-worldly cases rerouted from the CIA and National Security Agency. The two lead characters – who run the Weird Desk – are named Morgan and Rosetta (though we don’t yet know who will be playing them). The show is written by Carl Binder (“Stargate”) and David Titcher (“The Librarian”).

I’m not sure about the show’s tone, though. While a network “paranormal drama” sounds like it should be on the freaky, serious side – that title indicates that it might be on the freaky, silly side (a la “Eureka”, which is not the type of show ABC is in the business of distributing). Here’s betting there will be a title change before it airs.



  • djblack1313

    easily one of the lamest titles ever. i like the synopsis of the show (i miss THE X-FILES and i never got into FRINGE) though.

  • djblack1313

    also, since it’s on ABC, we will be lucky to even get a full 13 ep airing. if it looks ok, then i’ll wait until the full 13 eps air, THEN i’ll watch them. i’m not going to invest in a show (on ABC or NBC) only to have them be prematurely canceled. burn me once, shame on you…

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