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[Random Cool] Norwegian Sporting Goods Ad Delivers Zombie Horde!

Norwegian advertisers Storm Studios has out together an absolutely amazing commercial for the sporting goods store XXL.

The below TV Spot features humans grabbing nothing but sports equipment to take a stand against a massive horde of the undead. Dig on it below!



  • ljbad

    Very original! I’ve never seen a zombie video where the normal humans outnumbered and overran the zombie horde.

  • Joe-Banger

    Not mention that the normal humans are/were playing sports with the zombies! That was silly but awesome!

  • Canucklehead

    Those crazy Swedes!

    RJ MacReady

  • flesheater24


  • Mr.Mirage

    Now, class, what have we learned?
    1) Zombies in Norway can plan an attack, show emotions and know how to use sporting goods to seek their next meal.
    2) Norwegians have massive balls as evidenced by their collective desire to round up the living dead in a stadium… and attack them in hand to hand combat.

    No wonder that Death Metal and Black Metal ruled the land…

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