Relativity Lets Waugh Take Them To The 'Tipping Point' - Bloody Disgusting!

Relativity Lets Waugh Take Them To The ‘Tipping Point’

I suppose this one sounds like it could be cool. I don’t know much about helmer Ric Roman Waugh (I haven’t seen his upcoming directorial effort Snitch which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), so I can’t speak to how the execution will turn out – but in the right hands Tipping Point could work. In the wrong hands, it could be the greatest piece of hackery ever to grace the screen. Such is the fine line with high concept stuff like this.

Anyway, per Variety Relativity Media has closed Waugh’s deal to direct the film and rewrite its script (originally by Todd Stein).

The film, “is set in a world 100 years into the future where the penalty for having children without a license is death. Story centers on an officer who lives for his job, until the day he discovers two fugitives he’s been pursuing are the love of his life who mysteriously disappeared years ago and the 12-year-old son he never knew he had.

See what I mean? Could be cool, could be terrible. Only time will tell and we’ll keep you posted.