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‘Dead Pixels’ 8-Bit Zombie Goodness Is Coming To Steam

Dead Pixels you say? No, unfortunately it’s not us. It is however an awesome 8-bit zombie side scroller, previously released on Xbox Live, and now on Steam for download. The game wont break your wallet like most with its 3 dollar price point. What’s truly amazing is that CSR Studios who created the game is only made up of one man. Head past the break for game info and screens.

Key features of Dead Pixels include:
· Over 100 weapons, grenades and items.
· A procedurally generated city that’s different every time you play.
· 3 modes of play.
· 4 difficulty modes.
· Single player and two player local co-op.

New features added to Dead Pixels for the Steam release include:
· 30 achievements for players to unlock.
· Online high-scoreboards.
· Extra modes that unlock with achievements
· A reworked “Developers Cut” of the Last Stand game mode.



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