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5 Incredibly Painful Death Scenes!!!

Talk about a topic that could last forever! Horror fans of course crave great stories, strong characters, potent scares and snappy dialogue – but it’s the vast array of demises that really glue the whole thing together. Some deaths are quick, some are long. Some are funny, others are brutally dour. Then there’s the ones that really make you wince.

WIth that in mind I wanted to take a look at a few death scenes that really make you sit up and say, ” things may be bad with me right now, but at least I’m not that guy!” Stuff where you just kind of have to squirm a little bit, not because it’s super gory necessarily (though it could be), but because it looks so damn uncomfortable. Knowing that this could be an ongoing thing, I wanted to start off a bit broad.This isn’t the final word on the matter, this is only the beginning. At least one of these isn’t even from a horror movie – but that doesn’t mean that the character gets off the hook with any less suffering.

Head inside to check out 5 Incredibly Painful Death Scenes and be sure to leave your suggestions for future installments in the comments!


When Heather Matarazzo’s Lorna is dispatched in Elizabeth Bathory inspired fashion, it’s not necessarily protracted. But the lead-up to it is, you can’t help but feel for her as she dangles from the ceiling awaiting her fate. A death made all the more cruel given the fact that Lorna was just beginning to trust the world enough to put herself out on a limb.

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