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First Look At ‘Wolf Creek’ Director’s Graphic Novel ‘Sebastian Hawks – Creature Hunter’

While director/writer Greg Mclean is busy setting the wheels in motion for Wold Creek 2, he’s also working on his debut graphic novel, Sebastian Hawks – Creature Hunter. The comic is set during the Victorian era and it follows Sebastian Hawks, English thrill-seeker and creature hunter, who is hired to rescue missing British explorers from “monsters in the snow”.

The book is currently being funded over at The series is written by Tristan Jones (“Ghostbusters”) with artwork from Chris DiBari (“Pale Horse”). Head inside for the preview pages, video promo, and the official press release.

Sebastion Hawks Pozible Campaign from Cameron Oliver on Vimeo.

With pre-production in full swing on Wolf Creek 2, director Greg Mclean presents the first glimpse into the world of his new graphic novel SEBASTIAN HAWKS – CREATURE HUNTER.

SEBASTIAN HAWKS – CREATURE HUNTER is currently being funded via crowdfunding website, and these exclusive pages give readers a glimpse to the style of the art and storytelling that they can expect from the final graphic novel.

These pages are from the teaser comic, SEBASTIAN HAWKS – CREATURE HUNTER vs The LOCH NESS MONSTER – which will be exclusively available as a digital download to all supporters of the crowdfunding campagin.

SEBASTIAN HAWKS is a red-blooded English adventurer, whose thirst for excitement sees him brought to life by a superb creative team.

“If you love old-fashioned high adventure, monsters, heroes and villains, all set in the dazzling Victorian era then you’ll love this book”, said Mclean.

In the early 1900’s, The Crown enlists the services of Hawks – whose reputation for dealing with slightly more ‘exotic’ wildlife is spreading across the globe – to accompany a rescue mission to recover a team of British explorers who have vanished in India after a rival German explorer is found raving amongst the mountain villages of “monsters in the snow”. What follows leads Hawks and his companions into a series of adventures involving an ancient conspiracy, pre-war intrigue and monsters. Lots and lots of MONSTERS!

The SEBASTIAN HAWKS team includes writer Tristan Jones who has quickly made his mark in the comics industry following a critically acclaimed run on Mirage Studios’ Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, IDW’s Lovecraft infused Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Infestation, Ghostbusters and the upcoming Silent Hill series – with art being masterfully handled by Chris DiBari who broke into the industry doing covers for DC Comics Robin and Marvel’ Deadpool and has since worked on the comic adaptation of cult film The Warriors, George Romero’s The Crazies, and the smash hit revenge western Pale Horse for Boom! Studios.

SEBASTIAN HAWKS will be edited by Wolfgang Bylsma and published by Australia’s premier graphic novel label Gestalt in collaboration with Diezelpunk. Also supporting the team is Rachel Deering, the creator of the gothic horror comic series Anathema; Ghostbusters artist Dan Schoening, Zombies VS Robots illustrator Mark Torres and many more!

The crowd funding campaign offers fantastic incentives to those who donate including limited edition artwork (the team will be announcing special guest illustrators and artists from across the comic book industry who have donated artwork very soon), being drawn as a character in the graphic novel and a ‘behind the scenes’ set visit to the filming of Wolf Creek 2 in 2013.



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