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[TV] AMC To Air Season One and Season Two Of “The Walking Dead” In Black and White!

Last July AMC ran an experiment in airing a black and white episode of the popular The Walking Dead.”

It appear they’ll be taking it eight steps further next year with plans to air both Season One and Season Two in black and white, implies showrunner Glen Mazzara who tweeted the below photo from a “Walking Dead” fan mag. According to the mag, we can expect the fun to start February 2013.

The project is set among a group of zombie survivors of an apocalypse who are led by a police officer, Rick Grimes, in search of a safe place to live.



  • VersaVulture

    AWESOME! I’ll give this a shot!

  • djblack1313

    i love the show but i’ve never been a fan of most black & white shows/movies (I LOVE LUCY is awesome though!). i especially don’t like zombie movies/shows in black & white. i want to see gore in full blood red color! when they released the black & white version of THE MIST i was also not into that (i like the color version). i don’t know what it is about blk & white shows/movies, but i just don’t dig them.

    • Spike0037

      Ok I know your talking about horror movies that are black and white,but I am not just gonna say horror you did see these movies right ( Clerks, Raging Bull, Schindler’s List, Dr Strangelove, The Elephant Man, Sin City, Young Frankenstein. Ed Wood, Night of the Living Dead, Seven Samurai, Frankenweenie. )

      • djblack1313

        Spike good call! i admit i DO love SIN CITY. FRANKENWEENIE was also pretty good as is RAGING BULL. i should have been more specific. i’m not big on classic blk & white movies (from before the ’60’s). there are exceptions of course! 🙂

        NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (i know i’ll get killed for this) was just ok to me. i don’t love it. color in zombie movies is (almost always) a must. but again, you bring up a good point. there ARE awesome blk & white movies/shows.

        • Spike0037

          If you haven’t seen some of the ones I mentioned you really should. And you should just on principal see some of the classic black and white horror.

  • Mr.Mirage

    oH God DAMN it, now I am going to have to buy them again! Not that there is anything wrong with that, other than a lack of cash,

    • HorrorManiac666

      It doesn’t say any thing about putting them on DVD but if they did I would be even more broke then I am now

    • um you could just turn the color all the way down on your tv. Anything can be in black and white.

      • horrorking95

        Very true! Ha ha, I suppose they never thought of that!

      • HorrorManiac666

        I could but thats no fun

  • Evil_Flip

    I love black and white, but this feels kinda useless. Especially if they just make it monochrome. Great black and white has a high contrast and should also be lit accordingly, just taking out the color doesn’t really add anything IMO. Like that The Mist version in B&W. I get how cool it could’ve been in black and white, but I can’t believe the version that’s on the dvd is what it’s supposed to be.

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