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The Other “Almost” ‘Fly’ Director Talks Of His All Practical Vision!

Just the other day, David Cronenberg talked about his vision for the eventual The Fly remake.

But before the director of the 1980’s remake could join and then exit the project, The Apparition‘s Todd Lincoln was attached. In an interview with Moviehole he reveals his pitch, which years ago spread on the web as “we’ve never seen The Fly actually fly.”

My version of The Fly was a dark, twisted, grounded re-imagining, said Lincoln. “Part Val-Lewton, part J.G Ballard, part Neal Stephenson with some Horror Manga touches. This had nothing to do with the Cronenberg version and it would absolutely not have had the same color palette. This was an all new vision and direction, but still done with complete respect for all five other Fly films and the original short story published in Playboy magazine that started it all.

Lincoln’s version would’ve shared more in common with the original Vincent Price movie, than the later remake. “I especially dig the original The Fly (1958) and the third film Curse Of The Fly (1965). In my version, someone still becomes a fly, but who becomes it… how they become it… and what happens… are all completely different. I would have done it almost entirely with practical FX. Anyway, at the time I developed my take, it was too far out for the studio and they ended up deciding to do more of a straight remake / update of Cronenberg’s Fly.

Which director’s vision did you like better?



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