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[Exclusive] Greeley Estates’ Ryan Zimmerman Picks His Top 10 Slasher Flicks

Greeley Estates lead vocalist Ryan Zimmerman is a big horror fan, especially when it comes to slashers. He decided to share some of his favorites with Bloody-Disgusting, so he put together a list of his Top 10 Slasher Flicks. Check it out below!

Greeley Estates has just released a new EP entitled The Narrow Road (iTunes). Another EP entitled Devil Son will be released next year.

1. HALLOWEEN – Classic slasher movie. Set the standards for slasher movies to come. Michael Meyers has the best horror mask of them all
2. SCREAM – This movie was just fun. I loved the masks and I remember seeing it when I was in junior high
3. THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE – Such a gnarly movie. Grisly and gruesome. Freaky family. This movie will be remade over and over for years to come
4. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET – Classic. Freddy freaked me out as a kid. Didn’t want to fall asleep
5. BLACK CHRISTMAS – A good holiday slasher classic
6. PROM NIGHT – Classic. Revenge slasher flick. Some great kills on the dance floor
7. PSYCHO – Super creepy. Eerie music and a classic film that has freaked people out for years
8. THE LOVED ONES – This film was one of the only horror movies I thought was legit this last year
9. SESSION 9 – Freaky slasher flick that takes place in an old abandoned mental hospital. Kept me on the edge of my seat
10. COLD PREY – I didn’t expect much from this movie, but I loved it and I think its one of the best slasher flicks in the last few years

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