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R.I.P. Danny Steinmann, Director Of ‘Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning’

News reports are beginning to trickle in that Danny Steinmann, director of Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning has passed away at the age of 70.

While I never met Mr. Steinmann (nor have I seen his Linda Blair starring Savage Streets – though it comes recommended by several trusted sources), it’s impossible for me to say that I haven’t been affected by his work. I’m a huge Friday The 13th nut, which means that I’ve watched A New Beginning more times than I’d care to admit in polite company. Interestingly enough, I was driving to a screening earlier this evening with a friend and the conversation turned to the F13 franchise. After what was probably a few seconds of shorthand, there was a brief back and forth on the merits (and detriments) of parts V and VI. While my friend likes Part V a bit more than I do, it was fun just touching on that installment’s particularly sleazy energy. It’s by far the most cynical film in the original series, and it has a chaotic “anything goes” attitude that’s vastly entertaining.

On the ride home this evening, I got an email with a headline bearing the news that Steinmann had passed away. I’ve read “Crystal Lake Memories” many many times – so I was surprised that even though I easily recognized the name as being familiar, I had a hard time actually placing it (even though my friend got it instantly).

I know this anecdote may seem pointless, but I think it’s interesting that we were discussing Steinmann’s work on the day of his death. It makes me wonder how many thousands of times I’ve thought of his film, either in passing or in serious consideration. He may not be a “horror household name” like John Carpenter, Sean Cunningham or Wes Craven – and I certainly never envisioned myself writing his obituary – but now I can’t help but feel like we routinely take for granted seemingly minor works that are actually cornerstones around which our appreciation of the genre is based. A New Beginning may not have changed the world, but it certainly impacted my little corner of the universe. And for that, I salute Danny Steinmann.



  • SuperKilla

    R.I.P. Steinmann.

  • VampireJack

    Indeed, RIP.
    Friday the 13th pt 5 has always been seen as one of the poorer Jason (!!??) movies, but I like it. Much better than most part 5s in horror movie history!

  • ThunderDragoon


  • zaglewiz

    R.I.P. Honestly I always liked part V alot and found it to be a classic and funny as hell. Plus this man had the blessing of seeing quite possibly my favorite on screen tits in movie history! (the chick who gets it in the woods) Honestly I bet that man had an awesome 70 years in his life.

  • divisionbell

    RIP dude. Too bad he directed one of the worst in the series. At least it had that crazy-ass scene where the fat guy was chopped up over a chocolate bar.

  • mfcmk1

    I love part 5. So many great scenes in this movie. R.I.P. Danny Steinmann.

  • STRIK9

    Whatever I guess. That film was the beginning of the end for that series. It was by far the worst one. All the other sequels were pretty bad too, but they did have some decent scenes. The first four are the best.

  • djblack1313

    i loved part 5. it was the last (not including the reboot which was very good) good entry. it had excellent kills, excellent atmosphere, etc. yes, it technically wasn’t Jason but that didn’t even bother me because the rest of the movie was good. RIP Danny. you directed the last (of the original) good F13 movie. the rest of the F13’s were abominations.

    • djblack1313

      i meant the rest of the F13’s AFTER part 5 were abominations. lol. i love parts 1-4.

  • djblack1313

    HOLY FUCK!!!! i had no idea Danny directed SAVAGE STREETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, i’m officially fucking bummed out! SAVAGE STREETS is pure fucking gold!! so good! Evan you HAVE to see it! it has such classic dialogue (for example between Linda Blair & her arch rival)….”you stupid stuck up cunt. if you could make him stay away from me, i’d be ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU!!”. lol. such a great movie!

  • Chris Hortola

    10 Gauge Lobotomy

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