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[TV] Let’s All Gather Together And Hope That “Dexter” Season 9 Never Happens

I tried to keep up with this season of “Dexter”, but it lost me a few episodes in when it began to stray from what should have been its main focus – Deb and Dex figuring out how to be together in this crazy world of ours that hates incest and serial killers. I know a lot of you have enjoyed the season so I’m not here to rain on your parade, and I plan on checking out the season finale to see if the ending (which I spoiled myself on) is totally glorious or just kinda dumb.

One thing I will say is that what I saw of Season 7 was most certainly a step up from Season 6 (which I unfortunately watched in its entirety). The reason for the uptick in quality? The endgame was in sight. The show was (more or less) set to wrap up at the end of next year’s Season 8, which meant the writers could minimize their wheel-spinning somewhat and move the pieces on the board closer to where they need to be for their intended finale, the nature and circumstances of which they claim are set in stone. But now there’s the vague threat of a Season 9 – which would mean that Season 8 could very well become an entire 12 episode cycle of nothing interesting happening at all. Combine that with the heavily fatigued premise, and we might have the very worst season of the show ever on our hands (this is “Dexter”, so that’s saying something).

Showrunner Scott Buck told Vulture, “It might be the last. That hasn’t been announced yet. We’ve been picked up for one more season, but whether that is the last one or not has not yet been determined.” He goes on to say that they have planned Season 8 to be the final season, but all that will change if Showtime decides to pony up for another one (a real risk since this thing still pulls in good ratings). I liked the first couple seasons of “Dexter”, so I’m hoping they’re able to go out with a bang. Stretching it out another year could potentially kill any chance of that happening.



  • MrDisgusting

    I loved this season and never want it to end. You’re such a dick 😉

  • EvanDickson


  • djblack1313

    season 8 needs to be the last. season 6 was an abomination. season 7 (most of it) was very/pretty good but it needs to end and it needs/should end on a high/somewhat high note. Evan i agree w/ you 10000% that season 8 should be Dex’s last.

  • crane

    Well my problem with season 7 was that they underused Ray Stevenson his character by killing him off as fast as they killed off Chris Hemsworth in TCITW.

    But the ending is kinda dumb, and it leaves you unsatisfied. So lets hope no more incest in season 8, but instead bring the lead from A Serbian Film as a new serial killer and everything will be fine xD

  • Vampire_Mistress

    As much as I love Dex, I agree that next season should be its last.

    Now with that being said, I LOVED the ending, it didn’t leave me unsatisfied at all….I couldn’t keep from smiling and thinking the b**ch finally got it! I liked season 6 a lot, it was a lot better than season 5 in my opinion, it was the only season that I wasn’t a huge fan of.

    I think, in my opinion, that I would love to see Dex just really lose it and afraid of being caught (Deb having enough and turning him in) kidnap Deb and just as he brings the knife down on her, the end credits role…to me that would be a perfect ending but hey thats just me lol

  • djblack1313

    i really see Deb bringing Dex down after she’s had enough of her life being destroyed (much of her life already HAS been destroyed this season thanks in large part due to Dex). it will obviously (IF i’m right) be very very VERY hard for Deb to do (she still loves her BROTHER) but i think she will and it will sort of be a redemptive move by her doing so.

  • chungnuts

    I hope it continues on after 8. There’s so much potential if Dexter would leave Miami. Whether the department is on his tail and he gets a new identity in the Midwest/East Coast, or he decides to transfer with everything that’s happened. Hell, it would be almost a completely new show with new characters. Every September/October I get excited because I get Walking Dead and Dexter once a week, I can’t imagine a world where I get one of those hours taken away!

  • John Marrone

    People over analyze this show. Its OK when its bad. Good the rest of the time. The story is following a good natural path now with lots of tension and destruction possible ahead. Im good enough with that, season 8 or 9 or 10.

  • BelaManiac

    I have to agree. Season 8 is where it should end. I loved Dexter but I really disliked both season 5 and 6, 6 being the better of the two for me. I also stopped paying attention to a few episodes this season because I really hated the whole Hannah McKay story line.

  • legolasgarett

    Dexter can’t die period. Let Deb die. If Deb Kills Dex, its so goddamn predictable. Twist it. Let Dex kill Deb. Now thats more like it. The Bro-Sis storyline is just plain horrible.

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