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If Santa Knows What’s Good For Him, He’ll Get Me This Isaac Clarke Statue

Kotobukiya’s ARTFX Statue Line will soon include gaming’s resident Necromorph slaying badass Isaac Clarke, and he looks real good. The attention to detail in this figure is incredible, they even placed LEDs in the visor, RIG, and locator. Between this and the gorgeous Silent Hill figures Toymunkey Studios was at Comic-Con back in July I don’t think my wallet can keep up with my new-found love for terrifyingly awesome video game statues. The Isaac Clarke statue stands at just a little over 12 inches tall and comes with that bloodied display base you can see after the break.

It’s a little unusual that in the statue, Isaac’s RIG is blue, when it should be teal (Carver’s RIG is blue). Even still, it looks great. This statue will be available in June 2013 — that gives Santa (or a generous reader?) more than enough time to get me one. Or several.

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