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[This Day In Horror] Nancy Kyes Was Born



With Halloween being one of the all-time great landmark horror films, it’s hard to overestimate just how important each piece of that film is. And a fairly important component of that film, Nancy Kyes (aka Nancy Loomis, as she was originally credited in the film), was born on December 19th, 1949.

Not only did she play Annie Brackett in the Halloween she had a small appearance in Halloween II (as the same character) and played Tom Atkins’ ex-wife in Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, which I believe makes her to only performer to actually be onscreen in the first three Halloween films. She also had a great role in John Carpenter’s The Fog.

I actually included her in a post earlier this year on underrated horror performances in which I wrote, “It’s a shame that Nancy Kyes (aka Nancy Loomis) has disappeared from the film world. She was an intelligent, strong and funny screen presence whose combined attributes made her sexy. And her Annie Brackett might just be my favorite character in John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’. Where Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode was stridently virginal and demure and P.J. Soles’ Lynda was stridently sexual and rebellious – Annie struck a good middle ground between those two extremes.