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Is ‘Haunt’ Getting A Relaunch?

Bleeding Cool’s got some keen sleuthing skills. As the site points out, issue #29 of Haunt ended with a bang and then the words, “To be continued in the pages of Spawn”.

When BC asked The question asked Todd McFarlane, he said, “I am looking to retool the book and make it more creepy. I want the word HAUNT to be much more meaningful to the impact of the stories in the future. I can introduce some new ideas for the book within the pages of SPAWN then bring the title back out again.” Smells like a relaunch.

There were solicits for issues #30 and #31 sent out by Image in their ast batch of solicitations, but perhaps those are not actually going to make it to the shelf. The series has been struggling for the past few months, so it makes sense to take a hiatus and bring it back with an all new #1. That seems to be the move these days.



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