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Watch Paramount’s Teaser For Their Latino ‘Paranormal Activity’ Spin-Off!

Back in October Bloody was the first to tell you that Paramount Pictures had planning something special for their October 19th release of Paranormal Activity 4. Fans who stayed post-credits were treated to a short clip teasing the 2013 release of the studio’s unnamed Latino Paranormal Activity spin-off. While working on this morning’s 2013 studio preview, we came across said teaser and have shared it below alongside a supposed translation!

The film was first reported on in April. Christopher Landon (Disturbia) will write and direct the project, described by sources as a “cousin” to the Paranormal movies but actually not a sequel or reboot. The movie will be Latino-themed, will star a Latino cast and will tackle Catholic-based paranormal mythology. It will not, however, be in Spanish. Landon also penned both Paranormal Activity 2 and 3.

PA4, from creator/producer Oren Peli, utilized modern technology as it follows a family that lives across the street from a group of witches. Catfish duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who helmed the third film, directed once again. It made many of our “worst of 2013” lists.

Supposed translation to below teaser footage:

It’s there. Where you can get your Santerías. Let’s go. What is all this? This is pure witchcraft. Ugh [lit. listen to me], I’m leaving.

This is only the beginning.

Run, run! Let’s leave!

Explains Wiki, Santería is a system of beliefs that merges the Yoruba religion (which was brought to the New World by enslaved West Africans sent to the Caribbean to work on sugar plantations) with Roman Catholic and Native American traditions. These Africans carried with them various religious customs, including a trance for communicating with their ancestors and deities, animal sacrifice and sacred drumming and dance.




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