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Top 10 Music Videos Of 2012

Have we been slamming you with enough lists over the past several days? No? GOOD! Here’s another one for ya!

Now, you should know that I’ve seen more music videos this year than I had well balanced meals. Seriously, I’m watching them constantly. It can get pretty hectic and insane trying to remember many of them but, just like with any other medium, there are ones that stand out and become something incredibly important: they become memorable. And with that in mind, I want to share with you my Top 10 Music Videos Of 2012! Head on below to check ’em out!

10. Twelve Foot Ninja – “Coming For You”

Any band that can make fun of themselves while playing some badass music will get my attention and my admiration. These guys did all of that and more. Kudos for making me laugh!

9. Cattle Decapitation – “Forced Gender Reassignment”

I don’t think anyone could’ve seen how big and controversial this video would become when we premiered it. While many say that it is gore for the sake of gore, I completely disagree. I see it as a vicious, unrelenting attack on our senses while asking a very, very simple question: If you can force your vile, hate-filled beliefs upon us, why are we not allowed to do the same unto you?

Let this video serve as a warning that you do not mess with Cattle Decapitation lest they bring out the gimp.

8. Rammstein – “Mein Herz Brennt”

Visually dark, violent, and glorious, Rammstein have never been ones to hold back when bringing visuals to their music.

7. Municipal Waste – “You’re Cut Off”

This video is nothing but pure, gory, violent fun. Every second is a joy to watch and it never fails to put a huge smile on my face. Now I just need to know where I can get some of that neon green beer…

6. Job For A Cowboy – “Tarnished Gluttony

I’m a huge sucker for Lovecraft inspired tales and “Tarnished Gluttony” brings it all in spades. Definitely not a video for the queasy, it’s a beautiful, elegant tale that is as horrific as it is fascinating.

5. Pig Destroyer – “The Diplomat”

Monkeys with machine guns. A surreal, demonic lobbyist. Slenderman as a chauffeur. Hey, did I mention there are freakin’ monkeys with machine guns?!?!?!

4. Storm Corrosion – “Drag Ropes”

This music video transcends the idea of a conventional music video and instead becomes a piece of art. Beautifully crafted and haunting, it tells an eerie tale with fantastic, engrossing visuals.

3. Nekrogoblikon – “No One Survies”

How often do you find a music video that makes you empathize with a goblin and hate a human in the space of a few minutes? This video did that and a whole hell of a lot more. It’s going to be hard to top this one but I have a feeling the Nekrogoblikon boys have a few tricks up their sleeves.

2. The Death Set – “They Come To Get Us”

If I’m in a bad mood, I pop this video on and everything is made better. On top of being a fantastically energetic song, the video has an ungodly amount of pop culture references in it that will have you pointing and the screen and yelling, “Oh!” over and over again. Super Mario? Check. The Starship Enterprise? Yup. Godzilla? Si senor. Street Fighter? Signs point to ‘Yes’.

1. Sigur Ros – “Varúð”

This is not an official video. Rather, this was one entry into a contest that was run by Sigur Ros. It landed in the top 5 out of over 830 submissions. Personally, I would’ve picked it as the winner. But since I can’t do that, I’ll put it here as my #1 music video of the year.

No music video has touched me as deeply or moved me as much as this. The performances are entirely believable, the cinematography is stunning, and the story is so subtly and beautifully told. Every time I watch this video, and I write this with no shame whatsoever, I have to hold back tears. When it came time to put this list together, there was no question in my mind as to where this would place.

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  • Darkness69

    Nekrogoblikon rocks! I loved the Sugor Ros video and Job for a Cowboy one proves you don’t have to have a lot of money to make a great video, just a great idea. Thanks for the list!

    • JonathanBarkan

      Glad you enjoyed!

  • PatrickxJonathan

    Did I miss something with this Sigur Ros video? It’s gorgeous but I don’t think I understand what’s going on.

    • JonathanBarkan

      What part aren’t you understanding? I’d love to share my thoughts!

    • betz

      zombies! he was out doin shit came back bit or infected so he had her put him down

  • markajacoby

    The problem to start with is that most of these songs suck. With that said, love the vids for Sigur Ros and Storm Corrosion, and Pig Destroyer was okay. And yeah, the songs not great, but there was something fun about Nekrogoblicon. However, most of the others are just a waste of time that I can’t get back. Rammstein was one of the most overhyped, and Cattle Decapitation was no big deal – despite what was said. And the snoozer of them all was Job for a Cowboy where nothing happened except about a 45 second span of him cutting his kid open – otherwise it was him just walking around. For the most part, bleh

    • JonathanBarkan

      What do you look for in a music video/song? I’m curious to know what you expect or are anticipating.

  • TrainerUsagi

    I must say I thought all of these were brilliant choices, I was really happy that Rammstein and Cattle Decapitation made it to the list. I just didn’t like #2, but that’s personal preference 🙂

    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed!

  • tsquared226

    Wow, so surprised to see Sigur Ros here. I’ve been coming to Bloody Disgusting for a couple years now, and while I mostly just read the movie reviews (huge movie buff), but every once in a while, I see something that really surprises me, and this article definitely floored me. Sigur Ros’s music is unbelievable and hypnotizing, where every song is literally its own masterpiece, each song a work of art that touches something deep within the soul, the mind, the heart. It’s incredible, and that video, of which I had never seen before 10 minutes ago, killed me. The music, the plot, the visuals – it was all so perfect, so subtly explosive and enthralling. And for it to be the number 1 video on this site only further goes to show that this site isn’t just for horror fanatics – even if the vast majority (probably) of us members are so. No, it’s more universal, for anyone who likes scary movies, for anyone who likes to talk about them, from how they are made to how good they turn out to be; and I love it here. I hope this isn’t trolling, but when I see something I like, I have to talk about it, and since there’s no one else here to talk about it with me, alone in my bed at 2:11 AM, I thought I would post my little thoughts here, however trivial they may be. Great taste, man…anyone that can acknowledge the best that post-rock has to offer has my appreciation, period. End of story.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks very much for your words! Truly appreciated!

      • Trevor Todd

        No problem…

  • grimreaper55

    hey where is cattle decapitation forced gender reassignment? that came out in 2012

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