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Image From ‘Godzilla’ Comic-Con Teaser Makes Its Way Online

Legendary and Warner Bros.’ have shared an image related to their upcoming Godzilla remake. I say “related” because it’s from the Comic-Con teaser that premiered – and somehow didn’t leak (impressive) – back in July. The film hasn’t actually started shooting, but since the teaser was cut to give us (and the studio) an approximation of director Gareth Edwards’ approach I think it’s indicative of the scale of destruction we’ll be seeing in the film.

Last week producer Dan Lin told Collider, “We’re planning to film in March. We are in deep pre-production. Gareth [Edwards] has really mapped out his vision for the movie, you saw the teaser, but Gareth thanks to Thomas Tull’s help he took over a whole stage on the Warner Brothers lot and not only showed the teaser you saw, he had some models built of Godzilla, he had art decorated all over the soundstage, he had pre-vis of some of the big action sequences in the movie. So we’re in deep pre-production and Gareth’s vision of the movie is really exciting it’s a true re-boot of Godzilla. And you saw from the Comic-Con footage it is a grounded, realistic version of Godzilla. What would happen if Godzilla came into our world today?

Head inside for a better copy of the image and feel free to know that the film has a Facebook fan page now. Godzilla is in theaters May 16th, 2014.




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