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[Random Cool] See Unused Animatronic Alien Puppets From ‘The Thing’!

If you recall, the plan was that there would be 3 versions of the alien Pilot in Universal’s 2011 The Thing prequel.

StudioADI shared a previously unseen behind-the-scenes video displaying two of them: “The mummified Pilot, and the Thing having replicated itself as one of the alien crew members. In the story originally, the Thing needed to become one of these aliens in order to fly the ship buried under the ice. (Note the bio-mechanical connections implanted in the creature’s back.),” they explain.

ADI designed the character, built a limited animatronic puppet, and performed it on set.

The third Pilot was going to be a digital version of this creature, but due to a story change, it was never executed. The mummified Pilot was covered over with a digital energy effect, and we designed a new character, the Sanders-Thing, which was realized digitally.

Check out the video below!



  • doomas10

    looks ten times scarier and more original than THAT CGI abomination that we saw at the end

  • divisionbell

    While I do agree it’s better, the original story didn’t have the alien replicating another species to get a ship. What they found in the ice was the original form and it was its ship.

  • djblack1313

    doomas i agree! seeing all these unused practical fx pieces just enrages me more than i already was regarding this movie. the one in this video is freaky awesome!

    • doomas10

      I love practical slimy alien-ish effects! Takes quite some skill to make them look disturbing – Look at Bottin’s work on the thing! On Rick Baker’s american werewolf! then check … the wolfman in which the transformation was a CGI (travesty). HOllywood never learns :/

  • SelfishMan912

    i honestly didnt think that the (… prequel? i guess?) was all that bad. however, seeing all the videos with the practical effects makes me seriously question a few things, such as why the hell they felt the need to cover all of them up with terrible looking cgi, and if they HAD stuck to practical effects, would people still be bashing the film?

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