‘The War Z’ Servers Went Down Earlier Today After Days Of Malicious Attacks


Apparently, a public apology wasn’t enough to remedy the situation with the controversial post-apocalyptic MMO The War Z. Kewk, Hammerpoint’s community manager, took to the forums to update their players on the situation, saying “over the last few days we have been under attack by various forums of malicious attempts to shut down our servers. First we were hit with an attack that would rest our DNS IP so that you could not connect.” They were attacked again today, “This morning we are being hit, again, with a DDOS attack on our login server. We are implementing additional DDoS protection and hope to have this resolved asap.” Kewk added.

The servers are back up now and are hopefully safe from further attacks. The War Z may have been one of the more controversial games of the year, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to do something this. Hammerpoint’s handling of the game’s launch was misguided, but this also punishes the players who, because of these attacks, weren’t able to play the game.

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