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Indie Game ‘They Breathe’ Brings An Unconventional Take On The Horror Genre



Puzzle platformer They Breathe isn’t your average horror game. Indie dev The Working Parts has taken a unique approach to the horror genre by placing you in the shoes, or… feet, rather, of a lone frog. The game is all about exploration and survival, and the latter revolves around a continuous need for oxygen, which is a treasured resource in this ecosystem. You’ll explore the depths of a flooded forest that hides many dangerous secrets, and there’s a meaning behind it all, though you’ll have to play it to discover what that is. There won’t be anyone to hold your hands here — or the frog equivalent of hands, anyway.

It looks like a strange game, and good thing too, because I like strange. You can grab the demo on Desura, or the full game on XBLA’s Indie store. They’re also working on getting the game released on Steam Greenlight, though for that to happen they’re going to need your vote.

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