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‘Dead Space 3’ Kinectomorphs

OMG JK but seriously, Kinectimals, lame name. How about a Kinect exclusive for Dead Space called Kinectomorphs? Moving on. Past the break you can check out a video for Dead Space 3 that shows you how cool the Kinect can actually be in game. There are a number of basic game play commands but what makes things a lot smoother are the multiplayer commands. “Give partner ammo” or “give partner stasis” for instance. Check it out past the break, February is closing in!



1 Comment
  • Se_7_eN

    I wonder what happens if you say…

    “Visceral are fucking sell outs.”
    “Dead Space 3 is a joke.”
    “Money hungry piece of shit.”

    All of these should have some effect in game, since they have all already had an effect ON the game.

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