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[TV] “The Following” Comes Under Fire For Violent Content

We’ve been covering the Kevin Bacon starring serial killer “The Following” on the site for a while now, so this feels like it’s worth mentioning. The thriller from creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Dawson’s Creek,” the Scream franchise) and director Marcos Siega (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Dexter”) has been the target of scrutiny at this week’s TCA Conference.

I honestly don’t believe fictional violence and real life violence are at all linked, but apparently some people out there either feel differently or want to self righteously exploit tragedy. Per Deadline, “critics peppered Williamson with questions about whether television shows like this one may be part of the problem.” Williamson responded, “I think we all worry about (the violence issue)… Who wasn’t affected by Sandy Hook? We say in the writers room after that and were all traumatized by it. I know that when I put pen to paper, it affects me, but I’m not sure how We don’t sit around (in the writers room) and think of ways to kill people. I’m sitting and thinking of the drama. It’s meant to be a thriller and a provocative story.

To quote Clueless, “Until mankind is peaceful enough not to have violence on the news, there’s no point in taking it out of shows that need it for entertainment value.

“The Following” premieres January 21, 2013 on Fox.



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  • EvilHead1981

    No offense to people who MIGHT take offense to it, but events like Sandy Hooks, Columbine and even 9/11 pussify our nation. And to think, the terrorist minds behind all those, their legacy of terror is alive and well BECAUSE we get more pussified. The whole “9/11 changed everything” saying is proof of that. That is also the point of terrrorism, to change the way of life, uproot the status quo THROUGH fear and terror. They’ve won if we never shake this off and move on, because if if they are dead, their legacy lives on through our utter pussification of the nation.

    Of course, news always pisses me off too. For one, sometimes there’s a story I see a commercial for and am looking forward to, then suddenly, a fuckin police persuit! They spend however fuck long JUST covering that fuckin waste of time, “Who cares about whatever good story/stories that was going to air…. this stupid persuit’s WAAAAY more important1!!”. If I had my way, and was incharge of the “greater news council that dictates the rules and regulations of on-air broadcasts”, I’d make it the golden law that persuits would only be noted while in progress and only covered(via story) after the end(be it friendly surrender or shootout).

    Also, if anybody’s to blame, yes, the new’s is probably numero uno to blame regarding spreading pussification. When something like Sandy Hooks happens, they just don’t fuckin let up? They are pushing it down our throats, dedicating the majority of their air-time to every minute detail the police can squeeze out of the crime scene. Not only that, they HOUND the poor parents and community, who are suffering a GREAT loss. I can only imagine, if I lost a loved one in a horrible fashion, the LAST thing I’d want is news crews camped out on my front yard, crowding me every damn time take a step out of my front door, asking me how I felt. ESPECIALLY if they are hounding me and my family to funeral services. Freedom of the Press? Howabout Freedom up your ASS!!! Of course, the news spins the blame off to other facets of media. Movies, television(non-news) and video games, trying to pretend they aren’t the biggest culprit. And I’m not against the news in general or the right to get a scoop, but c’mon, have a little tact! Don’t overkill a story. The recent story is that sodas cause depression, but I can assure you that the NEWS causes far more depression than sodas do!!!

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