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‘Fright Night 2’ Has Founds Its New Charlie and “Evil” Ed!

With shooting already underway in Bucharest, Romania, Bloody Disgusting received first word that Inbred‘s Chris Waller, pictured above, has landed the lead role of “Evil” Ed Bates in Fox Home Entertainment’s Fright Night 2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse played “Ed” in the 2001 remake. In addition, Will Payne, pictured below, will take on the role of Charlie, donned by Anton Yelchin in the 2011 version. Sean Power takes on the role of Peter Vincent. They will star alongside “Dexter” hottie Jaime Murray, Sacha Parkinson, John-Christian Bateman, Liana Margineanu, Alina Minzu, Adi Hostiuc and Joelle Coutinho.

Murray, who can also be seen in Botched, The Deaths of Ian Stone and Devil’s Playground, will play an Romanian vampire in the Eduardo Rodriguez-directed sequel.

In addition, it sounds as if “Evil” Ed and Peter Vincent will be returning for the direct-to-disc sequel. Here’s the official plot provided to Bloody: “When high school student Charlie attends a study abroad program with his horror obsessed friend “Evil” Ed and ex-girlfriend AMY in Romania, he soon discovers their young attractive professor Gerri (Jaime Murray) is a real life vampire. Too bad no one believes him. In fact, Evil Ed finds it amusing and it only feeds his vampire obsession. When Gerri turns Ed, Charlie seeks out Peter Vincent, the infamous vampire hunter (well, he plays one on TV) who is in Romania filming his show “Fright Night,” to teach him how to take down Gerri before she gets to Amy, who’s blood will cure Gerri of spending eternity as a vampire.

Tom Holland directed the 1985 Fright Night that spawned a sequel in 1988 that reunited its main cast members Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale.



  • Primeus

    Why are they calling this Fright Knight 2? It sounds like another remake.

    I mean Evil Ed died in the 2011 movie if I remember correctly?? And Peter Vincent was a vegas Showman not a tv show host.

    Why even do this? The remake was complete crap…I mean they used CGI BLOOD! OMFG…

    Hollywood has no soul, and no talent.

    • Aaron Emery

      That’s what I was thinking (re. 2011). Also being that it says TV rather than Vegas I was thinking a sequel to the original (like TC3D) but that wouldn’t make sense either going by the plot. I’m quickly tiring of these half-assed sequels!

  • omer135

    Hollywood make great films. I loved the 2011 remake. who cares if they used some CGI its still far better than the dated effects in he original film.

    • En_Noir

      Yes hollywood does make some great films…unfortunately the Fright Night remake was not one of them….and THIS is just half assed and lazy..lets not really write a new movie, lets just change the scenery from the burbs to…umm Romania! No one will be the wiser…and responses like yours only solidify this.
      This is pathetic and an insult to our viewer integrity.

  • Damn that boy in the bottom pic is sexy as hell. The remake I thought was much better than the original so I hope this one is good as well.

  • crow454

    I was pretty fed up reading the synopsis that has no respect for the original, and no care for continuity…fuck the canon! Then I got to the pic at the bottom….don’t you just want to punch that stupid girly smug look off that anorexic tool stupidly gayassed posed face?

  • frankstark

    Two things. One this plot almost sound like the remake of the first one being the only change is that it’s not in Las Vegas, Jerry is now a girl, and Peter Vincent is a horror host not a rip off of Chris angel. And second you put down the year 2001 instead of 2011 which the remake came out

  • gerantgerant

    Did anyone notice that the remake wasn’t enough of a crap in the face of the original? – Here’s a thoughtless money grab sequel to remind you that we don’t give a finger about the legacy of Roddy McDowall. It’s obviously nowhere near as important as the legacy left by all the other turd horror sequels filmed in Romania over the past 20yrs.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have reactivated my account. 🙁

  • ginaface

    Seriously, I don’t care if this movie doesn’t match the original plot…I don’t even care if it kinda sucks compared to the last one: I loved so much the work Chris Waller did in Inbred that I’m looking forward to watch this just because I want to know what is he up to. I really hope this movie doesn’t suck, cause Chris doesn’t! And I want to see more of him.

  • Harry Styles

    by the way, that’s the wrong will payne…. that is really, really fucking embarrassing

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