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[TV] Next On “American Horror Story: Asylum” Episode 2.12 “Continuum”

While I loved the first season, I’m not up to speed on American Horror Story: Asylum so I apologize for the lack of commentary on this promo – I avoided watching it.

Episode 2.11 “Spilt Milk” just aired so now we have the teaser for Episode 2.12 “Continuum’.

In it, “A deadly new inmate threatens Sister Jude’s chance of release from Briarcliff. Grace’s obsession with the aliens turns violent.

The episode is written by Ryan Murphy and directed by Craig Zisk and airs next Wednesday, January 16th. Head inside for the teaser!



  • DarrelDreadful

    I think things are shaping up nicely for the season finale. Tonight’s episode, as usual, had me really engaged (LANA!!). This has to be my favorite show on TV and I appreciate its existence lol. Cant wait for next Wednesday.

  • Aaron Emery

    Another intense episode! I’m pretty sure sure I stopped breathing when Lana passed Threadson while walking down the stairs. My heart is breaking for Sister Jude though, I have a feeling she is going to take the place down from the inside while Lana takes it down from the outside. For some reason I don’t see her making it out alive.

  • wildgator25

    So, will the son of Kit and Grace, who is destined for great things, be the one who takes out present day Bloody Face? Or….. is the child of Kit and Alma the present day Hooker “Pandora” that Bloody Face is nursing from?

    Hmmm….. can’t wait til next week!

  • Zombie-Killa

    Oh why did I have stick around and hear that “we’re only one episode away from the season finale” announcement! I don’t want Asylum to end, at all. This show has been great from beginning, and last night’s episode was fantastic. Intense, dramatic, and Jessica Lange’s tirade on the Monsignor at the end was priceless. Give this woman an Emmy NOW.

    They’re killing off all the antagonists non-stop, but I hope Jude survives. She’s been through so much, and I want her to stick it to the Monsignor SO bad. But after watching the preview for next week’s episode, we might see the end of Jude after all. ):

  • Mr.Mirage

    I am hoping for Jude to go out in a huge, Emmy winning ka-boom. Something for everyone to talk about for years, the TV Psycho shower moment. The character deserves it, and Lange can do it.

  • Joe-Banger

    Well said Mr.Mirage. I couldnt have phrased that better myself. GOD Ill miss this season! I hope the next one somehow tops it!

  • Nothing333

    The cinematography this season has been otherworldly. The De Palma homage when Lana was escaping was perfect. The constant musical references have been amazing throughout both seasons.

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