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Universal Books Return Trip To ‘Jurassic Park’ With Fourth Film In 2014!

Could this be why Steven Spielberg delayed shooting Robopocalypse?

Universal Pictures announced today that they’ll be returning to Jurassic Park, with the fourth film to be shot in 3-D for release on June 13, 2014. Spielberg won’t direct, but will return to produce.

Variety states that Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver penned the script, which was previously announced to be about the government who has trained dinosaurs to carry weapons and use them for battle purposes. This storyline is yet to be confirmed.

The Jurassic Park trilogy has grossed more than a billion dollars worldwide with 2001 Jurassic Park 3 grossing $363 million worldwide.

IMAX 3D will host Spielberg’s 1993 Jurassic Park for one week only starting April 5.



  • ThunderDragoon

    Finally we have a date! So happy!

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Will the dinosaurs also have laser beams on their head and be able to talk with the assistance of a voice box like the dog from the movie ‘UP’? …I really hope this ridiculous plot is not real.

  • Aaron Emery

    Well you see, a T-Rex isn’t intimidating enough on its own so now they carry guns. Shortly after weapons training an epidemic of drug dealing gangster-sauruses has taken over the United States. People are dying. Armed robbery has the nation in fear. Only one man can stop them, Dr. Alan Grant.

  • DarrelDreadful

    Yeah that plot sounds a bit.. goofy and not like a Jurassic Park movie at all. But I will hold my judgement until more is confirmed.

  • Incinerated

    Ha! Wow, that plot is the epitome of goofy! That is just sad and embarrassing for whoever came up with that. My condolences.

    I do want to see the post-processed 3D on the original. That could be great in quite a few scenes.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Part III was kind of crappy, IMO. It was nice to see Dr. Grant make a return, and the Spinosaurus was bad ass, but the ending was really, really , REALLY fucking stupid. Hey, we’ll build a storyline around a pack of deadly and “smart” raptors, and during the final confrontation, we’ll just have the survivors give up the eggs. Nothing happens, and everyone just walks away! Ugh. Yes, I know I sound too cynical, but that ending really gets under my skin. But I own the movie on DVD. lol.

    Anyway, I’m going to watch part 4 regardless. Love the JP franchise, and I’ll continue to support it!

  • djblack1313

    if that is the plot, that’s the fucking idiotic.

    • TrixieMalicious

      BUT it makes me want to see just how fucking idiotic it can be

  • Trioxin83

    Didn’t BD cover this? I thought it was on here a while ago. Nevertheless, give it a read, says that’s not the plot:

  • K-Dogg

    What a stupid storyline!!!

  • XMarkX

    Yeah, I didn’t really care for Jurassic Park 3 that much, and with this plot of government trained dino-soldiers, I can’t imagine this 4th installment will be an upgrade.

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