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Get To Know The Trailer And Poster For ‘The Stranger Inside’!

We’ve gotten wind of a poster and trailer for the new thriller The Stranger Inside which stars Estella Warren, Sarah Butler and William Baldwin. The film, directed by Adam Neutzsky-Wulff, makes its premiere screening at the Berlin Film Festival EFM on February 9th and plans to be in theaters Summer 2013.

In the movie, “Film actress Emily Moore is kidnapped and tortured by a masked man. Deemed a psychotic fan by the world’s press, only Emily knows the real reason why he did so. On the run from the terror that has caught up to her, Emily leaves New York for a Mediterranean island with her husband Robert, a psychiatrist. But the idyllic seclusion of this paradise now serves as a trap when a young and attractive girl turns up with blood on her hands and a penchant for mind games.

Head inside for the trailer and poster!



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