[Contest] We're Giving Away TEN Early Access Codes For The 'Dead Space 3' Demo! - Bloody Disgusting!

[Contest] We’re Giving Away TEN Early Access Codes For The ‘Dead Space 3’ Demo!

If you signed up for early access to the Dead Space 3 demo, you’re probably enjoying some hands-on time with it right now. Everyone else has to wait until January 22 to get their anxious hands on the game’s bloody, Necromorph spanking co-op goodness. But don’t worry, I have ten codes for the Xbox Live demo to give away. Since I want to get these in your hands as soon as possible, this contest is going to be a quick one. All I want you to do is comment telling me which of the game’s two leads would win in a brawl: Isaac Clarke or John Carver? No plasma cutters or telemetry spikes, I’m talking full-on fisticuffs. I also want to know why you chose who you did. Now get to work, because I’m picking the winners on Friday, 1/18 at 12pm PST.

Have a question? Feel free to ever-so-gently toss Adam an email, or follow him on Twitter and Bloody Disgusting.

  • wildgator25

    Since I don’t know John Carver, I would have to go with my man Isaac. Isaac has been stomping mudholes in alien asses since the Ishimura. This man also stomps on mutated baby aliens. He don’t give a shit about age!

  • Swunky

    I gotta agree with my man wildgator25

    Isaac’s love for getting up close and personal with some of the most fearsome and grotesque monster space has to offer is well documented

    For most heroes resorting to swinging your assault rifle as a blunt weapon is a last resort .. For Isaac it’s what he prefers, plus his curb stomp is UNMATCHED

    • Swunky

      So to sum it up, If itt got down to a brawl I believe Isaac would come out on top

  • Danz

    Isaac Clarke for sure!
    I mean, the guy have been stomping crates and corpses for so long that I can only imagine what he could do to another man in a fight. And I’m not even thinking about his punches that totally destroy necromorphs after three hits or how he manages to dismember some of them with his barehands as he likes to do especially against Leapers. He also got beatten, exploded, hit and thrown by so many different ways that I can only wonder what would be necesary to put him down.
    Sorry about John Carter, but his cartel is not enough to match against Isaac’s.

  • Schmageggey

    Isaac Clarke. He’s been around the block a couple times, he can handle himself.

  • Maybe Issac, since we know how well he can fend for himself in some fairly bad situations, and he’s probably learned a thing or two having to wrestle away from necromorphs, who on instinct are very capable brawlers, on multiple occasions.

    Maybe John Carver, he has military experience, but let’s remember how much that helped the security team on the Sprawl, which was not a lot, but in a non-necromorph setting, maybe it’ll help, but we can’t really relate to him that much.

    So, as much as I love Issac, I’m not sure who would win.

  • ryethegodgamer

    isaac clarke he wasn’t even a soldier and he still kicks ass

  • Jester929

    I’m going to give it up for John Carver. I’ve played as Isaac Clarke for long enough to know what he can and can’t do. John, on the other hand, has his own experiences and could easily pose a threat. Those are my thoughts on the matter.

  • TkMeToYrLdr

    Isaac, of course! He’s seen some shit man. After you’ve punched a necromorph in the face to death, beating another man is nothing. Not to mention surviving two ship crashes, having a needle shoved in his eye, and being the lone survivor of multiple catastrophes. If this hasn’t made him an immortal, demigod of a man, I don’t know what could.

  • Tilsodan

    As i stated on the FB page….Issac due to the fact that Mr Carver will end up turning his attentions towards those imaginary enemies he sees.

  • tWiStEd-NiGhTmArEs

    Obviously Issac Clarke. The man makes every character from the Gears of War series look like kids popping party bombs. He’s a beast, and he’s named after two great science fiction writers. Plus, John Carver will be the character the second players plays as so it’s obvious that Issac is far more dominant than John.

  • TheGeckoNinja

    isaac because he basically mastered the art of necro fu, using his skills to cause necromorphs to explode by his mega punches 😀

    now gimme code please c:

  • ARA79

    Issac Clark-
    Because the wallet he keeps in his space suit says, “Bada** Motherf****r.”

  • lhcameron

    Unfortunately, though i love Isaac, John Carver would win. Simply because the art director describes John as being insensitive compared to Isaac. When it comes to the final blow though Isaac would hesitate as to finish John, John would not hesitate to kill Isaac.

  • death_by_kebab

    Issac would definitely win. Why? Because I’d dare say he’s got a few screws loose in that head of his after everything he’s been through. Given the chance to get aggressive, I’d dare say the marker on this planet would influence him further and he’d be a violent beast.

  • death_by_kebab

    That is to say, if I can further add to my comment – that the marker finally snaps Isaac during this fight and Isaac savagely beats this new bloke – think that guy that gets beaten with the flashlight in Pan’s Labyrinth. I’m talking incredibly violent, brutal, flinching fight that comes out in isaac.

  • zendoman

    Def isaac, it appears as carver would give him a brute beating but along the line isaac will dig deep with all his traumatized might and stab him in the neck with some sort of anything near him. He has way too much history, will and experience to let some new guy step in.

  • hardwiredd

    oh, Isaac hands down, the man has been beating the crap out of necromorphs forever now. he’s taken his share of pain to and he just… keeps… going. expect his new ‘buddy’ to get the shit stomped out of him literally.

  • Venom-man4

    Isaac Clarke, he did what the entire crew of marines of the Valor couldn’t do.

  • Laugh Riot

    Okay guys I’m going to say Issac too but it’s dead space. What kind of story twist would we see that would bring these two guys against each other. My thought’s would be Issac has a kinda incident that he had with stark. Remember Stark and how all bat-shit crazy he went at the end. Ellie lost a eye to him now what will she lose to a fully decked out EDF officer? Issac walking in on him laying into her with a plasma cutter while John is screaming about his wife and kid trying to kill him. Man Issac would do something to him that would put a Mortal Kombat Fatality to shame. Maybe even punch through John’s chest and pull out his beating heart then feed it to him after he goes futuristic hostel on him.

  • Laugh Riot

    Side note… The fight would be without guns after John empties the cutter into Ellie. Would Issac eviscerating John with a necromorph Limb count against the one sided fist fight????

  • Laugh Riot

    Another side note… Lets give Ellie the hand cannon in a different scenario she blasts John to bits before he betrays Issac with a Bang Bang or a few Pew Pew Pews. LOL Real space. Real terror. Real foam.

  • justininhifi

    Issac Clark easily.

    In his off time he spends time working out and landing sick skateboard tricks.

  • Christopher T Filipowicz

    I believe John Carver would win in a brawl against Isaac Clarke due to the implication he has served in one form of the military, something hinted at with his military armor and rig as well as his extensive battle scars. With his own fighting and tactical knowledge, he could use Isaac’s deteriorated physical and psychological states against him, and do so with ease due to his peak physical conditioning from the aforementioned military.