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Teaser Poster For ‘Cell Count 2: Blood Count’!

I never saw Cell Count, though I loved the poster and so this new news is a reminder for me to check it out. This didn’t take long but The Freeman Brothers have announced Cell Count 2: Blood Count, once again written and directed by Todd E. Freeman.

The new film, “starts where the first film left off and takes our survivors on a high speed journey filled with monsters and fugitives. It is a bloody high octane counterpart to the slow burning original film ‘Cell Count.’

Freeman said in a statement, “I’ve been so excited to get started on the sequel ever since writing the original screenplay for Cell Count. That film was always meant to be the first act in a much bigger story. Blood Count is the second and much more insane act. I liken it to Road Warrior meets Aliens. Not necessarily in story… but most definitely in tone and scope. We are putting the
pedal to the metal and getting bloody. I can’t wait to share what happens next. It’s big, bad, and out of control.

Go here to find a place to watch the first film and then stay up to date on the sequel with their Official Site.



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