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Trailer For ‘Hansel & Gretel Get Baked’ Takes A Hit

With Paramount’s Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters arriving this January, Tribeca Film is releasing Hansel & Gretel Get Baked (formerly Black Forest: Hansel and Gretel & The 420 Witch), a horror/comedy take on the classic fairy tale starring Lara Flynn Boyle (“Twin Peaks”) as the evil witch, On Demand February 19 and in select cities February 22, we’ve not got the trailer (via Trailer Addict).

In the film, “When an evil drug-dealing witch (Lara Flynn Boyle) holds Gretel’s stoner boyfriend hostage, she and her brother Hansel must save him from a gruesome death — or face the last high of their lives.

Directed by David Tillman, and also starring Michael Welch and Molly Quinn, you can read our exclusive set report for some inside info!



  • Zombie-Killa

    Fiction or non-fiction, most stoner flicks are usually very shitty films. Pineapple Express is the only passable stoner movie that I can think of recently.

    Now I’m having doubts about Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters this Friday. Thanks, BD. lol.

    • djblack1313

      Zombie-Killa, you must NOT give up hope/excitement for H&G WITCH HUNTERS!! i’m still excited to see it this Friday! 🙂

      • Zombie-Killa

        LULZ, I’m trying djblack! I guess I’ll have to watch another red band trailer for Witch Hunters. That’ll do the trick………hopefully. lol.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    when i first started hearing about these hansel and gretel movies i was like “you gotta be kidding me?” but after seeing that trailer i am now interested lol.

  • djblack1313

    i agree! at first i thought this would look cringe-worthy but it actually looks pretty fun and decent! it IS a shame though that Lara Flynn Boyle fucked up her face with all that plastic surgery but maybe it will actually enhance this role. she was SO pretty pre-surgery.

    • weresmurf

      Looks like a pretty decent B grade stoner comedy, I’ll give it a try. Totally agree. When she was first on The Practice, she was completely gorgeous, now though, UGH…

  • yellowsicktoad

    If I had to choose, I’d see this over that Black Witch movie. I think…

  • yellowsicktoad

    Black Witch movie?! I meant Witch Hunters of course 😛

  • dirtyghettok

    This movie just looks plain fun to see. Plus Molly Quinn,,, for me,,, cloud 9 with my own black forrest cake fresh out of the oven.

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