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Yep! There’s A Remake Of ‘The Orphanage’ On The Way!

Per Screen Daily, Spain’s Rodar y Rodar Films (The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes, The Body) just announced a giant slate of upcoming films. A few of these are horror so let’s get cracking! The Body director Oriol Paulo’s A Hollow Man, “is a thriller set in a small village in which unexplainable crimes occur.The Sign, “a psychological thriller about a woman who tries to escape a past crime” is also due to come out in 2016.

But perhaps of greatest interest to you is the fact that we’ll be getting a remake of The Orphanage. The site says they’ll be working on a “new international version of ‘The Orphanage’ from JA Bayona”, so I’m not sure if that’s merely an acknowledgement that he directed the first film or an announcement that he’ll be directing the remake.

Rodar y Rodar is also going forward with remakes of Guillem Morales’ Julia’s Eyes and The Uninvited Guest as well as a remake of Paulo’s The Body.

Basically, if it’s horror and wasn’t in English – it will be soon.




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