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Yep! There’s A Remake Of ‘The Orphanage’ On The Way!

Per Screen Daily, Spain’s Rodar y Rodar Films (The Orphanage, Julia’s Eyes, The Body) just announced a giant slate of upcoming films. A few of these are horror so let’s get cracking! The Body director Oriol Paulo’s A Hollow Man, “is a thriller set in a small village in which unexplainable crimes occur.The Sign, “a psychological thriller about a woman who tries to escape a past crime” is also due to come out in 2016.

But perhaps of greatest interest to you is the fact that we’ll be getting a remake of The Orphanage. The site says they’ll be working on a “new international version of ‘The Orphanage’ from JA Bayona”, so I’m not sure if that’s merely an acknowledgement that he directed the first film or an announcement that he’ll be directing the remake.

Rodar y Rodar is also going forward with remakes of Guillem Morales’ Julia’s Eyes and The Uninvited Guest as well as a remake of Paulo’s The Body.

Basically, if it’s horror and wasn’t in English – it will be soon.



  • djblack1313

    good fucking luck. the original is easily one of the best movies i’ve ever seen but after seeing how much care/talent went into EVIL DEAD i’ll give this the benefit of the doubt…..for now.

    • Aaron Emery

      Agreed. From what I’ve seen EVIL DEAD is proof that remakes can work (again, only going by what I’ve seen). This one would have to go into some good hands in order for it to work. The US kind of sucks at classic-style ghost stories, WOMAN IN BLACK was pretty good but not great. My fingers will be crossed but my eyes are staying closed.

  • Slasher_Lover23

    Thank god America hasn’t touched Pan’s Labyrinth yet. I’m not exactly against remakes, but there are a few that I’m hoping will be put off as long as possible (preferably after I’m dead).

  • KeepDoubting

    My hopes definitely aren’t high for this. The original was one of the best “ghost story” films I’ve ever seen.

  • djblack1313

    isn’t the US remaking MARTYRS as well? LOL.

    • KeepDoubting

      Ughhh, why did you have to remind me of this!? I completely forgot about that until now, lol. And aren’t the people behind Twilight doing it as well?? God it hurts my heart just thinking about it…

  • Nothing333

    We don’t need the same movie with white people. Such a waste of resources. The original is perfect

  • I’ll pretty much regurgitate what everyone else is saying, the original is seriously one of the best ghost horror movies of all time, if not the best one. Trying to outdo it or cough up a decent remake will certainly be a challenge, and this is coming from someone who hates subtitled films.

  • GreigShelob

    As long as they keep it faithful to the original and leave it as a character based story rather than a gory or violent horror then I’ll probably watch it.

    Along with The Others this is one of my favourites. Horror done brilliantly.

  • Does anyone feel like Hollywood is just lazy? If they’re not remaking stuff from the 80’s then they’re remaking foreign films. Is it just me or is that not super annoying? And the saddest part is that I will go ahead and watch the remake because being the hardcore horror fan that I am, I can’t say no and protest. Ugh… Just don’t remake a Serbian Film… I don’t think anyone wants to relive that movie.

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