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Here’s The 100% Buffy Inspired Trailer For ‘Blind Alley’!

Over the summer Variety reported that writer/director Antonio Trashorras’ vampire film Blind Alley would be headed to the U.S. on VOD by the fall of 2012.

While that didn’t happen, we do now have a look at the trailer. It’s kinda silly and looks like an extended version of the “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” TV opening credits. Complete with what’s almost the same song. While I love that show, you know, it’s time to move on.

In the film (which stars Ana de Armas, Diego Cadavid and Leonor Varela), “In a tiny laundrette hidden down an alleyway, Rosa finds herself trapped, completely isolated and unable to escape the nightmarish situation of being attacked by a serial killer. At the break of dawn and after hours of anguish, immersed in the sadistic game of rat and mouse the killer has subjected her to, the young girl will discover something even more disturbing about the nature of her aggressor.



  • djblack1313

    Evan, like BUFFY? really? LOL. maybe a teeny tiny bit. this looks ok but horrible at the same time! LOL. i’m torn.

    • EvanDickson

      @djblack1313 @incinerated DUDES – I never said it was “as good” as Buffy. I said it ripped off the opening credits of the show hahah

      • djblack1313

        Evan, OH!!! LOL. i misread what you wrote! LOL.:)

      • Incinerated

        Buffy inspired carries a lot of gravitas… even for a trailer 🙂

  • Incinerated

    You had my hopes up comparing it to Buffy. Aside from the energy of the song and vampires, it didn’t come across as being anything like Buffy. I think Todd and The Book of Pure Evil is an example of something that is Buffy inspired. Still, I’d watch this movie, so thanks for sharing.

    • djblack1313

      Incinerated, TODD is such a fun show! so awesome!

  • spartan87

    Couldn’t decide if this was trying to be scary of hilarious

  • evenscarier

    And…we find out she has split personalities and it’s all in her head…seen it…next..

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