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Ron Howard To Tackle The Dilemma Of ‘The Graveyard Book’?

Back in April we reported that Disney had picked up the rights to Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and that director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) had dropped off the project. Coraline director Henry Selick was attach to helm for a while before he abdicated the throne as well. Now there are reports that the project is no longer stop motion and that Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind) might be stepping aboard.

Per THR, “In a new twist, Graveyard now has been reconfigured as a live-action movie, and sources say Ron Howard is in negotiations to direct.

In the book, “instead of a boy raised by wolves in the jungle, Gaiman tells the story of the last surviving child of a murdered family raised by ghosts in a graveyard.

Howard will oversee the development of a new script.



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