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6 Dream Tour Pairings!!!

How many of you have thought, “Man, wouldn’t it be just awesome if [insert band name here] toured with [insert band name here]?” I know I’ve done it on more than one occasion. Hell, I do it all the damn time. There are some tour pairings that make so much sense that it simply boggles my mind that the’ve never been done. These are tours that would get fans salivating, drool flowing from the mouth like waterfalls.

So I put together six of my most desired tour pairings, ones where the headliner and co-headliner would not only compliment each other but would take things to an entirely new level. Head on below to see my list!

Porcupine Tree with Karnivool
Both of these bands take progressive rock to near transcendental levels, mixing gorgeous melodies with crushing heaviness, often within the same song. Seeing the both of them perform live would be an out of this world experience.

Tool with Opeth
First of all, forgive me for my April Fools’ joke in 2011. But you have to admit, it was a good one!
But seriously, think about this for a second. Talk about a match made in heaven! Both are bands that refuse to write music that would suit “the masses” and are yet push musical boundaries, taking several genres and mixing them into something that only they can each pull off.

Katatonia with Anathema
While listening to some bands, it’s clear that they write the songs, they record them, and they go on tour. Then, they rinse and repeat. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with that. Some bands write songs that are very direct and to the point.
But then there are bands that take it a step further and don’t release music, they release art. And that is the level that I place Katatonia and Anathema in. Seeing them perform is like going to a museum and really taking the time to appreciate what you are looking at. It’s not simply a concert, it’s a time for reflection and appreciation.

Alice In Chains with Pearl Jam
This is basically a way to make my inner 90’s grunge self make the unmanliest of squeals. Both Dirt and Ten are fantastic albums that helped shape and define my musical tastes as I was growing up. This tour would probably bring about the revival of the patch covered denim jacket.

Lamb Of God with Soilwork
The ferocity and aggression of both of these bands is undeniable. Lamb of God would bring a seriously heavy groove while Soilwork would bring the melody. It’s the type of concert that would result in many cases of whiplash due to headbanging.

Rammstein with Rob Zombie
Let’s be very clear here, this concert is all about fire. Both Rammstein and Rob Zombie put on amazing and explosive (pun intended) shows that would be something for the books. I’m pretty sure that the amount of pyro used over this tour would shift the global climate up a degree or two.

Alright fellow concertgoers, what tour pairings would you want to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Skullbone

    Dude. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest

    • JonathanBarkan

      They actually toured together in 1980. But that would be a killer line up!

    • Agreed!

  • Skullbone

    Yeah before Maiden became what they are now so that doesn’t count. 😀 It looks like we are kind of considering bands that have made names for themselves and pairing them with other bands that have made names for themselves…so yes Maiden and Priest of today would be a killer show.

  • K-Dogg

    I know this would NEVER happen, but I would have loved, back in the day, Rage Against The Machine and The Beastie Boys….BOO-YA.

    • K-Dogg

      Also, this being a triple bill, I realize this is not metal in any way, but how about Yeah Yeah Yeah’s / Metric / topped off by Garbage.

      • JonathanBarkan

        I know @EvanDickson would probably kill to see this show, haha!

    • Full_Effect_Ed

      That was a real tour that was announced in late 2000, with At the Drive-In opening, but was cancelled after Mike D broke his clavicle on the way back from a photoshoot. Rage broke up less than two months later…

      • lovezoid

        Holy crap ATDI and RATM double bill would be insane. I’d probably go for a few beers during Beastie Boys though, respect and all but hip-hop blows live

      • DownNola1995

        I can see Beastie Boys and Rage touring together, but At the Drive In doesn’t fit at all.

    • Boonraiser

      I had tickets to see Rage and the Beastie Boys back in 2001. Mike D dislocated his shoulder from a bike accident and the show was cancelled. Shortly after that rage broke up. I was so upset. At least I saw Rage in 99′ at Maple Leaf Gardens.

  • DreadWorld

    Rush and Dream Theater would be insane…

    • JonathanBarkan

      I’m kind of amazed that this tour has never happened. It just makes so much sense.

  • Joe-Banger

    Thank you Full_Effect_Ed! I was going to say the same thing! Except without knowing all that detail. It sucks hard that Adam Died last May! I was rooting for him to live even if the Beastie Boys could’nt go on. I love the Judas Priest amd Iron Maiden idea as well! I wish Dime Bag Darrel was alive and Pantera and Slayer could rock together! Not a bad list Johnathan.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Thanks very much!

  • DownNola1995

    @Joe-Banger The Slayer and Pantera tour happened in 2001. Sadly I was only 11 years old at the time. The Pantera tour that I really wish had seen was the Pantera/Neurosis/Clutch tour of 96/97. Now that’s a killer lineup.

    I would like to see Mastodon and Down tour together. Unfortunately, Down doesn’t really tour with any big acts. At least not in the U.S. Down usually has bands from Housecore Records, Phil’s label, open up for them. Nothing wrong with that though, he’s loyal to the underground.

    • lepromatous

      I saw them on that tour – but it was Pantera/Neurosis/Biohazard…Still incredible, but adding Clutch would have kicked so much ass, I might have had a heart attack. Neurosis totally stole that show. I think they played 3 songs – in 45 minutes. Most was Through Silver in Blood — massive extended drum piece.

  • doomas10

    Rob zombie and Rammstein! OMG! Seen them so many times! Rob Zombie is my favourite performer. If they do a tour together the whole stage is going to collapse. Zombie’s antics with Rammstein’s professional firework/pyrotechnics usage will probably melt the environment around! I want this to happen now!

  • Cozen

    I have actually seen (2) dream tour candidates…

    Meshuggah opening for TOOL
    Isis opening for TOOL

    TOOL & Opeth…
    ÆWesome call on that one JB. \m/ \m/

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