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[TV] Guess Who’s Coming Back To “American Horror Story”

Ok, considering the photo above I suppose you already guessed. With American Horror Story: Asylum concluding tonight it’s never too early to start talking about next season. We already know that “American Horror Story: Season 3” will feature returning cast members Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. But in some great news it appears as if Taissa Farmiga is in talks to leap back into Murphy land.

Ryan Murphy proclaims (via EW), “ “I missed her this season. There wasn’t really a role for her. I feel very protective of her and I didn’t want her to go back into the loony bin—it was too dark. So I thought well ‘I want Taissa to be one of the leads next year.’ I called her up and pitched her the character for the season and she loved it and she said, ‘Yes let’s do it.’ So we’re in negotiations for her to headline season 3.

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  • CorbinRaven

    EXCELLENT!!!! I can’t wait to see her again!!!!

  • SawanBlood

    didn’t like her at all :/

  • Damnit! I was hoping it would be Connie Britton but then I remembered she has another show. Glad Taissa Farmiga is coming back.

  • Journeymystery

    Love her. Great news!

  • romeostruedude

    yay! I cannot wait! I actually loved her in the first season. But, think she could be better as something else. I loved the humor she brought. But hey just because she acted one way does not mean she can’t act another stupendous way! Just look at Billie Dean from season 1. She was a minor character and she was rather annoying. I HATED her character. But, look now. She is Lana Winters and is now the face of American Horror Story. She literally stole the show! Her Jessica Lange, and Lily Rabe all stole the show. I just wished Evan Peters had a better role though. Not much character development there. Yet, in the end. I know he can act very well. Just watch Season 1.

  • DarrelDreadful

    YAY! I was hoping she would return. I wish Connie could come back in a small way at least, but I really want some fresh faces to come aboard and surprise everyone honestly. The cameos in season 2 I really enjoyed so they need to bring in even more surprises for next season.

  • ill_mindedd

    i dont know , ive never watched a single episode of american horror story. my friends try to get me into it because they know how much of a horror geek i am, lol. but theres just something i hate about TV horror, an intense scene comes along and then out of nowhere they cut to commercial. it kinda ruins it for me. the same goes for the walking dead show too. lol

    • zaglewiz

      The first season is on Netflix with no commercial glory. I’ll probably check out the second season later this year when its released on there as well but I’m with ya on hating commercials.

    • djblack1313

  • Don’t like her. She registers to me as dull.

  • Taboo

    Funny because I was just thinking about her and how she might be coming back for season 3 and I see this HA! I just hope they keep Lange and the lady who plays Lana.

  • Trinity

    Im happy the beauty is coming back.
    I miss the crew of season 1

  • I liked Violet in Season on; she wasn’t a punk, and actually told it like it was to anyone foolish enough to cross her. I like strong female protagonists in my television shows, and I am glad to see her return. I didn’t realize her smile was so beautiful!

  • djblack1313

    YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!! i fucking loved Taissa in season 1. i’m simply a fan of the Farmigas!! lol. both Taissa and Vera are superb actresses and Taissa’s returning made my day!

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