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[TV] Banner For CW’s Forthcoming Series “Cult”


EW has just premiered the banner poster for CW’s “Cult,” which promises that seeing is deceiving.

“Cult” follows Jeff (Matt Davis), who’s a journalist blogger (all of us professional bloggers are extremely handsome and heroic, don’t you know, and it’s about time broadcast TV recognized it). He teams with Skye (Jessica Lucas), a production assistant on a popular television crime series called Cult, as they investigate the fans of the series who are re-creating the crimes on the show.” Added meta twist: The fictional version of Cult airs on a fictional version of The CW within the show.

“Cult” premieres Tuesday, February 19.



  • Trinity

    OMG Yes yes yes Jackpot!!
    Robert Knepper in a new show.
    That is aweosme.
    Mr.T-Bag in action.
    Can`t wait to watch this
    It seems like a great show just looking by the banner

  • YES!!! I LOVE Robert Knepper!!!

  • Might as well a broader and more modern take of ‘Videodrome’. I’m in. 🙂

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