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Academy Awards TV Promo Jokes On ‘Psycho’

The Academy Awards are coming, and frankly, we don’t give a shit. The pretentious garbage of an awards ceremony neglects genre films, treating them like they can’t be art in the eyes of snot-nosed academy members. And each year they try and play to us fans, acting like they give a shit. They don’t, let’s get that straight right now.

ABC released the following promo for this year’s Oscars, which air February 24th. It features host Seth MacFarlane staying at the Bates Motel where Norman is making a ruckus. It’s an obvious reference to the new series, “Bates Motel,” premiering this spring on A&E.

Keep it down. I have a meeting in four hours,” MacFarlane jokes as Janet Leigh screams in terror.




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