[Sundance ’13 Review] Ryan Daley Says ‘The Rambler’ Is Both Intriguing And Bizarre

The Rambler

Ryan Daley has returned from the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to share his thoughts on Calvin Reeder’s The Rambler, his second feature film that’s premiered at the prestigious festival. The director of The Oregonian, best known for his astounding short films, this time tells the tale of The Rambler (Dermont), after being released from prison, who stumbles upon a strange mystery as he attempts a dangerous journey through treacherous back roads and small towns en route to reconnecting with his long lost brother.

Daley enjoyed the “Lynchian” vibe stating that “the movie skips and stutters like a hallucinogenic fever dream,” further adding, “the film never bothers to hide its Lynchian underpinnings, but the bizarre-as-shit developments are intriguing.

You can read his entire review by clicking here. Anchor Bay Films will distribute some time this year.