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Get Deep Inside ‘Dead Space 3’s’ Necromorphs Before They Get Deep Inside You



One of the best parts about a Dead Space game is getting a good look at the incredibly demented creatures that are going to be destroying you. Ripping you limb from limb, and playing around with your giblets. Every creature is straight from the depths of your nightmares, and they keep getting better and better. If you head past the break you can get an inside look at some of the Necros you’ll be seeing in Dead Space 3 along with descriptions of them. Dead Space 3 is so close I can feel my space madness approaching. February 5th on the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360.


There are several strange stories of cannibalism related to a military expedition to Tau Volantis. While some can be attributed to madness, most were the result of desperation. Trapped in snow-covered shacks with an empty larder, Necromorphs pounding at the doors, and no hope of fresh supplies these soldiers began to lose hope. The only things they had in abundance were bullets and Necromorph corpses piling up outside. Those that broke down and consumed the flesh of their reanimated former friends were only temporarily sated. Soon after ingestion, the tainted flesh began to kill off their internal organs one by one and take them over. Their bright lights began to hurt their eyes and the hunger became worse. The only thing that seemed to make it better was consuming more flesh. This continued until their vital organs were attacked internally and the victims died one by one. When the Necromorph conversion was complete, they rose again as Feeders; insatiable, ravenous and deadly. They travel in groups and exist only to feed. Be wary about interrupting Feeders on the prowl. Once they’ve caught your scent, their screams will alert their companions and soon you’ll be running for your life.

Swarm Infector

The Swarm Infectors are small, highly mobile, spider-like creatures that seek out corpses to transform into Necromorphs. They typically enter the corpse through the mouth, burrow their plump bodies down the esophagus and self-detonate, releasing viscous, yellow goo. The fluid quickly enters the body’s natural conduits and soon the corpse spasms uncontrollably as the Necromorph infection takes over. What once was a lifeless corpse rises as a deadly Necromorph now intent on creating more corpses to join its ranks. When Swarm Infectors cannot find a corpse, they make a beeline for the nearest living target and swarm them. Helmets can only deter these clever creatures for so long and if even a single one reaches your mouth, it will be too late to stop it.


Militaries have been using adrenaline units for years to keep their soldiers going in the thick of battle. On Tau Volantis, this method was used to allow dig teams to perform extended work shifts as they delved for the planet’s secrets. But something deadly was waiting for them in the snow. As the Necromorph infection took over their lifeless corpses, it merged with the excess adrenaline creating blindingly fast aberrations known as Twitchers. They can cross a canyon in the blink of an eye and tear a man to pieces in seconds. Your only hope of survival is to use a Stasis Module to slow them down long enough to dismember their limbs.


The Wasters are seemingly unmolested corpses save for a luminescent goo that oozes from their eyes and mouth. They arm themselves with makeshift weapons which they use with brutal efficiency. But this human-like façade hides a more alien interior. Lopping off their arms and legs can cause the Waster to shed its human layer releasing the masses of writhing tentacles that reside within. This adaptability makes them fierce and unpredictable opponents. Unless it’s stopped moving entirely, the Waster should always be considered a major threat.