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‘Dead Space 3’s’ Take Down The Terror Launch Trailer

Not every trailer can be super great. This one sure isn’t. It also features a meh version of Phil Collins classic “In The Air Tonight”. Will that put me off from playing the game? Fuck no. I’m gonna play this game in the dark until I shit my pants. Check out the Take Down The Terror Launch Trailer below, and let me know what you think. February 5th bitches!



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  • ChildoftheKoRn

    having been a fan of some of these later sci fi Genre console ports (Mass effect/dead space). As a PC gamer, although I am fond of shooters, the lack of control over my characters movement is considered in this rare occasion to be a minor quip as opposed to the amazing action sequences, and awesome horror aspects of the series. watching this trailer brought back the same feeling of when you first see the Marker towards the end of the second one, just feeling of “OHHHH SHIT”. I for one will be happy to play this. Thankfully I have time for Aliens Colonial Marines prior 🙂

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