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Halifax Comic Shop Creates ‘Hobo With A Shotgun’ Comics

The Strange Adventures comic shop in Halifax (Locations: 5262 Sackville Street and 101 Portland Street) recently teamed up with local artists in order to create an original Hobo With a Shotgun comic book, inspired by the hit Jason Eisener film. As of right now, the book is only available at the store, or directly from the creators, selling at $2.99. Maybe if demand is high enough, they’ll put it up online.

Dave Howlett, Strange Adventures manager, adopted part of the script for one story, and created a series of others “inspired by” the original. The comic features artwork from Mike Homes, Nathan Boone, Andy Cotnam, Andre Myette, Patrick Burgomaster, Josh Rodgers and Shawn Mcleod.



  • Erebus Dirge

    Brillant! Want one now! Also,I reckon they need to do a “Legends Of The Plauge” spin-off with a bunch of bums sat around a campfire relating tales of The Plauge. Maybe do a Rise of The Drake spin-off too.

  • Kenzo

    That movie exceeded expectations all together. I will definitely purchase this comic. I must see what craziness they come up with.

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