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‘The Dinosaur Project’ Sneaks Onto iTunes

I was caught off guard this afternoon when I stumbled across the elusive The Dinosaur Project on iTunes. Released by Uncork’s Entertainment, with Phase 4 Films owning home video rights, the film features some pretty great visual effects work, but horribly bland acting. It’s worth checking out, especially if you were as excited as I was…

The project began in November 2010 when TV programmakers Sid Bennett and Tom Pridham and producer Nick Hill walked into the London office of StudioCanal with an idea for a movie “about a father-and-son documentary team who discover dinosaurs in the African jungle.” More like a Jurassic Park of sorts, it stars Peter Brooke (Red Lights, The Dark Knight) as “Charlie Rutherford”, Natasha Loring as “Dr. Liz Draper” and Matt Kane.

Dinosaur Project is a team of explorers searching for a mythical creature. When their helicopter is brought down by a flock of enormous birds they discover strange creatures which civilization has thought extinct for millions of years!



  • Starsteam

    Apparently it’s at RedBox too. Maybe this means it a US Blu-ray will come out soon. I’m still excited to see this despite the disappointment about it around the internet.

  • unisonruss

    Awful, awful movie, trust

  • I RedBox-ed it last night, actually. Terribly disappointing, with some of the most overly cliche writing I’ve seen. It’s a SyFy Channel movie with slightly bigger budget. The acting is atrocious and the “dinosaurs” are definitely made up creations (that lack creativity) save for the pleisiosaurs, which were the best part of the film and grossly underused. Very disappointing.

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