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Mr. Boogie Could Return In Possible ‘Sinister’ Sequel

Want to see Mr. Boogie haunting another family?

SciFiNow has the scoop on a potential Sinister sequel, the follow-up to last year’s uber successful horror film directed by The Exorcism of Emily Rose‘s Scott Derrickson.

I certainly want to write the script and be involved with it as the producer – I would possibly direct the next one, we’ll see,” Derrickson told the site.

But I don’t see myself just handing the franchise over to just anybody and letting it go,” adds the director referencing what Lionsgate did with Saw. “If it goes on – then maybe – but I want to see it start its process on the right foot at least, and always have some say and have some involvement in it.

Sinister‘s co-writer, novelist C Robert Cargill added, “Before we finished the movie Scott and I had a discussion about the things we don’t want to do, and spitballed just a couple of things that we would like to do given the opportunity, but it’s all still theoretical stages – ‘Oh, hey, wouldn’t that be cool’ – everyone’s still waiting to see on the lifecycle of the movie how everything pans out before everybody jumps up and says, ‘Yes! We must have a second one!’

Sinister grossed over $62 million off a $3 million budget.




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