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[This Day In Horror] George A. Romero Was Born!

This is definitely a birthday worth mentioning. Director George A. Romero was born on February 4th, 1940, which makes him 72 years old today. There’s very little to say that many of you don’t already know, horror just wouldn’t be the same without him. Nor would the pop culture landscape. Even though many of the zombies we celebrate today are modernized, or faster, their DNA is very much entwined with the iteration of the creature that Romero brought to life in Night Of The Living Dead in 1968.

Romero would of course go on to expand his zombie universe in Dawn Of The Dead, Day Of The Dead, Land Of The Dead, Diary Of The Dead and Survival Of The Dead. Even though these films run the gamut from “masterpiece” to “skippable” they’re all unified by his urge to use zombies as a vehicle to discuss larger social issues. Without Romero, horror would have a lot less subtext.

Of course he hasn’t only done zombie movies! His filmography also contains Monkey Shines, Creepshow, The Dark Half, Martin, Knightriders and The Crazies (which is sort of zombie-esque I guess).

Wish George A. Romero a happy birthday and do yourself a favor and check out one of his lesser known works today!



  • Happy Birthday George!!!!!
    What a nice guy in real life, humble too.

  • Boonraiser

    The best boss I ever had. Happy birthday George.

  • nugget

    How can I tweet this

  • Evan3

    Happy birthday George! I will resolve to watch Dawn of the Dead (I know… WAY past due). I did just recently check out Monkey Shines though, interesting flick – not good, but definitely interesting!

  • Ress EZ

    Happy Birthday good sir! Your life has been great for 72 years. Here’s for another few more honorable years for an honorable person! LONG LIVE MR. ROMERO!

  • dixonpj

    I’ve got him pegged as 73, but maybe my math is fuzzy.

  • weresmurf

    When George Romero eventually passes… how many of us are going to be placing bets on how long til he rises…

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