Here's The Trailer For Danny Trejo's Undead Horror 'Zombie Hunter' - Bloody Disgusting!

Here’s The Trailer For Danny Trejo’s Undead Horror ‘Zombie Hunter’

We’ve landed the official sales trailer for K. King’s Zombie Hunter, which stars Danny Trejo, Martin Copping and Clare Niederpruem.

A new street drug called NATAS unleashes a zombie apocalypse that spreads like wildfire and mutates its users into flesh eaters. We follow one man, Hunter, who has nothing left but a beat-up Camero and a trunk full of guns and booze. He runs down flesh eaters, hunting them for sport and redemption from his tortured past.

After crashing into a small group of survivors, led by an ax-wielding priest named Jesus (Danny Trejo), Hunter is seduced into escorting the eclectic group (strippers, rednecks, and an innocent beauty) to a mythical place of refuge, while under constant assault from zombies and a chain-saw wielding psychotic clown. But a surprise attack by a new breed of giant mutant flesh eaters (VFX creatures) forces them on the run, and puts the Hunter’s skills to the test.

  • sascha henschel

    I really like the soundtrack so far.
    About the story, nothing special, but seems to be fun including BooBs…
    They indicated one CGI Zombie, hope they’ll stay on make up effects and not ruin this movie with poor CGI.
    And really “One man to kill them all” sounds like a LOTR copyright infringement?
    Why not straight forward “Action, Gore & Boobs”. I would buy it 😉