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Exclusive ‘Would You Rather’ Poster Will Make You Flinch!

Keep telling yourself it’s just a game.

Opening February 15 in Los Angeles via IFC Films is David Guy Levy’s Would You Rather, which stars Brittany Snow (Prom Night), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator) and Sasha Grey. This afternoon we have the exclusive poster premiere, which is insanely eye-catching (don’t blink!)

You can also join us for a very special screening taking place at the The Silent Movie Theatre on Friday the 8th at 7pm followed by a Q&A with the director David Guy Levy and star Sasha Grey! To get one of (100) pairs of tickets, all yu have to do is CLICK HERE.

In the film, “In the wake of her parent’s death, Iris (Snow) struggles to make ends meet while caring for her terminally ill younger brother. Shepard Lambrick (Combs), a seemingly philanthropic aristocrat, expresses an interest in helping them. When he invites her to an exclusive dinner party, she accepts. Also attending the dinner party are seven more desperate individuals. They soon find themselves trapped in Lambrick’s mansion and forced to play a sadistic game of Would You Rather, where the winner will be awarded untold amounts of money. As the game progresses, the dilemmas Iris and the other players face grow increasingly deadly.



  • scudz

    WHAT THE F@CK IS THAT?! The scale is so off it’s ridiculous…. I literally cannot stop laughing. They should have just stuck with the Tom Hodge poster…….

  • diapers

    Yup, whoever photochopped the hand and razor blade must have forgotten about *scale* menu, post paste. Anyway, since dude from Reanimator is in this, I have to see it. It is horror law.

  • Hey! Crab Man is in this movie! Rad.
    I’ll give it a shot, even if it isn’t good, it could still be a cool movie.

  • Wow, looks like a really bad composite that is not even to scale; I literally held my hand to my face to make sure that I wasn’t just seeing things.

  • ggium24

    yes my friend Sasha Grey!!!! Love her <3

  • Ress EZ

    Keep telling myself I’m sooo psyched to see this!

  • rgold

    Scale or not, eyeball stuff make me cringe

  • Evil_Flip


  • RaffyLee

    oh my this looks good.

  • ViciousVoux

    The whole “Let’s play a game.” thing is way overdone for horror films now a days but damn this looks pretty neat.

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