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‘V/H/S,’ ‘The Signal’s’ David Bruckner Directing ‘Intrusion’!

One of the coolest and most satisfying things about producing V/H/S was having the chance to work with The Signal‘s David Bruckner, an extraordinary talent that directed “Amateur Night” the opening segment of our found-footage anthology.

Next up, Deadline is reporting that David Linde’s Lava Bear has set Bruckner to direct Intrusion, a thriller script written by L.D. Goffigan.

A young woman’s life begins to unravel shortly after moving to San Francisco, when she realizes she’s being pursued by a disturbed stalker. As the assaults and creepy incidents escalate she realizes that she has become the target of something far more sinister and horrifying.

Along with Doug Davison, Tariq Jalil and Lucas Carter, Lava Bear will produce and production has been set to start later this year.



  • doomas10

    ha! just watched V/h/s! OMG… it was meh.Such a shame really – the story line was predictable but I would be lying if I didn’t say that the best parts of the whole film was the amateur night segment. If only I hadn’t watched the trailer that contained all the jump scares, probably it would have a bigger impact on me. This suggests that I would like to see again a segment from this dude. The signal was good and AN the best 20 minutes of the movie. I truly hope the sequel to be better paced and better acted!

  • DeadInHell

    The Signal was definitely enough to make me interested in Intrusion. The plot is pretty basic but the “far more sinister” bit has me hopeful that they’ll do something a little more interesting with this than…well, every crazed stalker/killer movie ever made.

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