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This Nightingale Cosplay Brings ‘Skyrim’s’ Coolest Fantasy Ninja Gear To Life

I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve spent over 100 hours in Skyrim — okay, maybe I’m a little ashamed — I’ve come across every type of armor the game has to offer. Most are forgettable, others are laughable (glass armor? I’d rather not spend my time picking glass out of my body after a fight, thank you very much.), and there are a few that manage to be intensely badass. The first is the Daedric armor, which I’ve covered before, and the Nightingale armor. The latter isn’t the best stats-wise, but that’s forgivable when you slip it on and see how amazing your character looks wearing it.You may not be able to take a hit, but that won’t matter when your enemies bow before your fantasy ninja greatness.

A particularly talented cosplayer has decided to realize my fantasy of creating the full set, but she refuses to sell it to me even after I offered my life savings (basically the $0.75 I found in a cushion and a half-eaten absinthe lollipop).

What you see above is only a taste of the collection, for more check out the cosplayer’s Facebook or the photographer’s website

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