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Lakeshore Entertainment Scoops Up Luna Brothers’ ‘The Sword’

Variety reports that Lakeshore Entertainment, the company behind the Underworld franchise, has acquired movie rights to Jonathan and Joshua Luna’s highly acclaimed The Sword comic book series. The company plans to begin shooting the first film later in 2013. The film will be produced by Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi.

“The Sword” comic follows a paraplegic whose family is brutally murdered by a mysterious group. She sets out on a quest of revenge after discovering a magical sword that restores her ability to walk and grants her special abilities.

The comics have been collected in a series of four graphic novels, “The Sword: Fire,” “Earth,” “Water” and “Air.”

If the success of the Underworld franchise is a sign of anything to come, all are in good hands. Underworld has grossed about $450 million in worldwide box office, including $160 million for last year’s Underworld: Awakening.

Chalk another one up for independent, creator-owned comics.



  • This has to be the best news I have heard all year! I read the graphic novels a few years ago, and I was stunned by how amazing the story was. I actually visualized it as a film as I read the books, and now that it’s so close to becoming a reality, I am elated. Please, don’t fuck this up by taking creative license. The story is already written; do a Zack Snyder or Robert Rodriguez and TRANSLATE the medium, not change it.

    • Lonmonster

      I’m also really stoked for this. Love the Luna’s and this is their best work.

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