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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me: Results Of National Poll Name Video Games A Bigger Threat To America Than Guns

This is just sad. This whole debate about the effects video games have on violence isn’t new, but it certainly returned to the minds of many Americans after the tragedy in Newtown, CT back in December. Since then the NRA tried to turn “violent media” into a scapegoat for the shooting, followed by President Obama allocating funds to research the effects game have on people.

Now, the results of a national poll by Public Policy Polling, which came from an automated telephone interview of 800 republicans across the country have named video games as a more significant threat than those popular and insanely easy to get machines that were designed to kill people.

If you look more closely at those who were polled you’ll find that a majority of them were over the age of 45, so there’s a very good chance many of them could name maybe one video game they’ve actually heard, not including Pong or Pac-Man.

Here’s the snippet from the release:

Sixty-seven percent. That’s a lot of people who are either really dumb or chose the wrong “threat.”

I get it. They don’t want to get rid of their guns, and they shouldn’t have to, but shoveling the blame onto something they clearly don’t understand is just stupid.

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